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FLiFF Short Subject: "Civil Wars" - a double entendre title - CinemaDave

Nov. 10th, 2006 12:47 pm FLiFF Short Subject: "Civil Wars" - a double entendre title

Part “The Wicker Man” and part C.S Forrester's “A Passage to India,” “Civil Wars” could make for a fascinating full length motion picture. Writer/director C.C. Webster presents a disturbing feature about a middle school field trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. With the sight of the bloodiest battle on United States soil as a backdrop, “Civil Wars” contrasts the callowness of youth that does not understand the lessons of war.

“Civil Wars” features a clique of four middle school girls and a dorky boy. Dealing with issues of peer pressure and acceptance, the audience is presented with the sociopath behavior that is painful, but honest. Cruel, but truthful study of middle school girl cliques.

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