CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Florida Supercon: "Playgiarism" is set to premiere

A convention such as "Florida Supercon" can provide
opportunity for writers, artists and independent film
makers. Now a Palm Beach resident, Cindy Morgan
says of the business potential for our community;

“Florida is Paradise. What's not to like? Get honest
financial backers, a great script, and a producer
who's not criminally insane, and you've got yourself
a hit!“

Beyond the celebrities guests, a convention like the
"Florida Supercon" provides an opportunity for local
filmmakers to premiere their motion pictures.

Writer/director Jose Prendes has produced a movie
about the travails of independent film making. Titled
"Playgiarism," this locally produced film tells the
tale of Jeff (Prendes)and his odd relationships with
creative people. Pepper (Karen Ross) is an aggressive
salesperson who would like Jeff to produce her play.
Dave (Woody Meckes) is a pseudo rock star who decides
he needs to make a career change into drama.

At one point in "Playgiarism," Jeff and Pepper meet a
tall man in the video store. It is a brief scene in
which the tall man in denim has six lines, all one
word answers that set up the film's overall theme. The
actor portraying the customer in denim is the author
of this column.

"Florida Supercon" begins Friday night and lasts
until Sunday night at the Hollywood Beach Resort. For
ticket information contact
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