CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Feel the Midas touch of Mr. "Goldfinger" this April 9th @ the Broward County Main Library

For a movie franchise so well know of it's leading title, the words "James Bond" does not appear in the titles of his movies. The titles evolve around a location ("Casino Royale") an action (A View to a Kill), a mysterious woman (Octopussy), a partial proverb (You Only Live Twice" or the villian (Doctor No).

"Goldfinger" became the most famous Bond villain by default. He was the only character that had a successful song lyric written about him! "Goldfinger" is over 40 years old, but his name still carries a cultural impact.

Sean Connery portrayed James Bond in seven motion pictures. "Goldfinger" was Connery's 3rd Bond film and "Goldfinger" became the blueprint for all the future James Bond movies. The supporting characters became less mysterious and more defined, As Major Boothroyd (Whom everybody knows as "Q") Desmond Llewelyn took a minor expository role and created an anticipated cameo appearance in 16 more James Bond movies. M (Bernard Lee) and Miss Moneypenney(Lois Maxwell) would also appear in numerous Bond movies until the late 1980s

"Goldfinger" will return to the big screen as part of the Broward County Main Library's program, "Literary Cinema." Showtime is Saturday, April 9th at 1pm.
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