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Florida Supercon: Nature abhors a vacuum - CinemaDave

Nov. 1st, 2006 08:23 pm Florida Supercon: Nature abhors a vacuum

For three years, "Screamfest" built a solid
reputation as a fan’s convention. Each year the event
became so big that it outgrew Broward County .
Promoters Pete Mongrelli and Blaine Kimball moved
"Screamfest" to a more convention friendly area,
Orlando . While "Screamfest 2006" outgrew their
local fan base, local fans felt like the Brooklyn
Dodger fans when their team “went Hollywood .”

Nature abhors a vacuum and "Florida Supercon"
promoter Mike Broeder knows this. Tapping into a post
Halloween market, Broeder has created a convention
that celebrates comic books, science fiction, anime
and professional wrestling. Two of the biggest names
in the Broward County comic book business;
C.J.’s http://www.myspace.com/cjs_comics
Tates http://www.tatescomics.com/
will have booths there for special sales and
promotional items that support the Celebrity Guests.


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