CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Tip's Tips: All Politics Is Local

It has been twenty years since Thomas “Tip” O'Neill was Speaker of the House. O'Neill was an old school Democrat who thought that big government policies of FDR were still timely during the 1980s. If O'Neill's policies were still in place, one must wonder how high our income taxes would be and how big the government debt would be today.

In the Bully Pulpit, Tip O'Neill once referred to Ronald Reagan as a "demagogue”and bemoaned “Reaganomics.” On a personal level, President Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill were two Irish salesmen who enjoyed swapping stories and jokes. Both wrote about this behavior in their biographies with a hint of sentiment.

In 1994, O'Neill published his primer, “All Politics Is Local. and Other Rules of the Game..” This was the year that the Republicans were voted into the majority party of Congress. Upon reflection, it is easy to see that the Republican Party read Tip O'Neill's book that year. The political tips are as relevant today as Aristotle's politics.

As we approach the 2006 Election, it is easy to see that whatever political party gains control of congress, the winners will reflect the wisdom of Tip O'Neill's primer. Co written with Gary Hymel, “All Politics Is Local and Other Rules of the Game” is a must read for political scientists. O'Neill and Hymel's book may be the best predictor for the outcome of Election 2006.
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