CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

@))$ Release: "Hollywood Homicide" compared with "Charlie's Angeles: Full Throttle"

For twenty years, Harrison Ford was the king of the Summer box office. From "Star Wars" to "Air Force One," Ford could be relied upon to generate fine cinematic entertainment.Ever since his villainous turn in "What Lies Beneath," Ford has proven to be be less box office trustworthy with movies like "Randon Hearts" and "K-19 The Widowmaker." With his new movie "Hollywood Homicide,'" Ford attempts to recapture his box office lightening.

"Hollywood Homicide" had the potential based on the credentials of the cast and crew. The film was written and directed by Ron Shelton ("Bull Durham"). The interesting supporting cast features Josh Hartnett, Lena Olsen and multiple cameo appearances by Hollywood residents. Despite some funny scenes, the final result seems plastic and forced.

Ford and Hartnett are odd couple police partners. As a sideline, Ford sells real estate and is being pressured to sell a particular home to make an alimony payment. Hartnett is a yoga instructor who aspires to be an actor. There is a gang related murder at a hip hop club and Ford & Hartnett are called to investigate. During the investigation, the detectives uncover a conspiracy involving the LAPD and corporate moguls.

"Hollywood Homicide" is a cliched ridden film that follows the strict formula of buddy cop movies. Despite some intrusion of humor, the tone is superficial. During a deadly car chase, both leading men receive telephone calls in which they discuss their alternative occupations. Ford's real estates woes seem more terrible to him than having people shooting at him. For all of the hip hop music, shootings and stunt work, the audience was amazingly silent during "Hollywood Homicide's" bloated two hours.

At least "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" celebrates outrageous superficial entertainment with some decent music. The tone in this movie is bubblegum fun with many interesting visualizations. Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu return at the modern detectives who work for the mysterious Charlie Townsend agency. In this latest outing, Charlie's Angels rescue an agent (Robert Patrick) from Eastern Europe and we witness our first over the top action sequence. The Angels return to California and resume their domestic lives, await their next caper and dance with each other.

Produced by Drew Barrymore, the film manages to pay homage to the Aaron Spelling television show from the late 1970's. As a producer, Barrymore smartly includes Jacklyn Smith in a cameo appearance. Smith looks great and was the only Angel to survive the show's five year run. Demi Moore has a larger role as a fallen angel from the Charlie Townsend detective agency. Moore's former husband, Bruce Willis, has an unrecognizable cameo appearance early in the movie.

"Hollywood Homicide" makes you long for younger days while "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" has you leaving the theatre tapping your toes. The choice is simple.
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