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The Second Next Gen International Film Festival - CinemaDave

Mar. 31st, 2005 09:54 pm The Second Next Gen International Film Festival

The Second Next Gen International Film Festival
presents award-winning foreign films from around the world,
from April 14 thru 18.

Sponsored by Miami Dade Public Schools,
over 4,000 Miami-Dade County Public students and the community are invited
to enjoy a series of free and reduced-cost screenings
of international feature length films
at the AMC Cocowalk Theaters in Coconut Grove
and various locations on Miami Beach.

Next Gen offers a window on the world through images and stories from around the globe, with English sub-titles.
Film screenings
are complemented with in-theater discussions, study guides, and school-based programs.

Films to be screened this year are:
"The Young Jonsson Gang at Summer Camp" (Sweden/2004) A group of young boys discover and prevent an evil plot to destroy the world.

"Kamchatka" (Argentina/2004) A young boy fascinated with Harry Houdini,
finds his own world disappearing in the changes
caused by the 1975 Argentina political dictatorship.

"The Winning Pass" (Japan,2003) A game of basketball helps a young man find his way back
after an accident that changes his life forever.

Presented by the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Division of Life Skills
in association with the internationally acclaimed
Giffoni Film Festival in Italy
and the
Educational Office of the Italian Consulate.
Study guides, school-based programs, in-theater discussions and weekend community screenings accompany the films. In addition to the annual festival, the Next Gen Film Clubs present
year-round theater-based film screenings,
in-school screenings,
workshops with filmmakers,
membership benefits,
and other film related programs.

The Next Gen Film Club program has co-presented six feature film screenings with cultural partners like
the Miami International Film Festival,
the Global Film Initiative
and the Ewish Film Festival

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