CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

Teri Garr floors Hollywood

Teri Garr was always one of my favorite comedic actresses. I think my crush began in 6th grade when she was Nurse Inga in “Young Frankenstein” and it stayed with me through her Oscar nominated performance in “Tootsie.” I still feel sorry for her character in that movie and was upset when Jessica Lange won the best supporting actress statue for “Tootsie” instead.

Garr’s new book “SPEEDBUMPS – Flooring it though Hollywood”
is her 244 page autobiography. Ms. Garr openly discusses living with MS disease and how this disease has robbed her of her energy. Her career began as a dancer in Elvis movies and it seems her most rewarding movie experience was in working in Frances Ford Coppola’s financial disaster; “One from the Heart.”

The one dark mark that stayed with me about Teri Garr can be found on page 142. Garr describes biking on a Hawaiian Beach with a guy named David. They passed a guy selling pot. She asked David to go buy a joint from him. She had David perform the illegal action because she did not want to be;
“……recognized as a poster child for marijuana.”
Beyond my anti leisure drug crusade, it just bugged me that she let this guy David do an illegal action to avoid damaging her celebrity status. Typical Hollywood hypocrisy.

Still, I’d still would like to meet and interview her some day.
Given that I lost my Aunt Caroline to MS, here is the URL for Teri Garr's army to find a way to BEAT MS!
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