CinemaDave (cinemadave) wrote,

“Shepherd The Story of a Jewish Dog, “ - Lessons from a color blind dog

Based on the novel “The Jewish Dog” written by Asher Kravitz, “Shepherd The Story of a Jewish Dog, “ is a simple drama about a boy and his dog. This is a classic story arc that inspired MGM’s “Lassie” movies that starred Roddy McDowell and Nigel Bruce. Yet “Shepherd The Story of a Jewish Dog” is based on true events in Europe at the same time Lassie was on the big screen in American Cinema.

Set in Berlin, Germany, Kaleb is a Shepherd who is separated from his Jewish Family when the Nuremberg Laws are enacted. As the repression of Nazi party grows in Germany, the family is interred to a concentration camp.

Kaleb is recruited and trained by German Officer to attack and round up Jews. Being a good soldier, Kaleb is well fed and well cared for. One day, Kaleb is distracted by a scent. The dog sniffs around and recognizes Joshua ( August Maturo), his old master from Berlin.

As the dog and his boy are reunited, this simple story raises the great philosophical debate; are individuals a product of nature or nurture? While “Shepherd The Story of a Jewish Dog” supplies a thrilling two hours of escapist entertainment, this film will haunt you afterward for this depth of thought and feeling.


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