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She Wolf of London on Svengoolie 2 nite

Though billed second, June Lockhart is the "She Wolf of London" on tonight's episode of Svengoolie.

June Lockhart was honored by the Palm Beach International Film Festival in 2012 and this is part of her acceptance speech;

This movie was produced 8 years after starring in "A Christmas Carol" with her father, Gene Reynolds.

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June 29, 2021 Pedro Linares López’s 115th Birthday

Today’s Doodle celebrates the 115th birthday of a Mexican artist who turned his dreams into reality, Pedro Linares López. His peculiar yet playful animal sculptures known as alebrijes are beloved worldwide as unique products of Mexico’s folk art tradition.

Pedro Linares López was born in Mexico City, Mexico on this day in 1906. His father worked as a papier-mâché sculptor, or cartonero, and he trained Linares to follow in his footsteps. By the time Linares was 12 years old, he had become a skilled craftsman of papier-mâché items like piñatas and the traditional skeletal figures called calaveras which are featured in the annual Day of the Dead celebration.

In 1945, as Linares tells the story, he became very sick and drifted into a fever dream. There he encountered fantastical creatures who shouted in unison a nonsensical phrase “Alebrijes!” Upon his recovery, he set out to represent these mythical beings in sculpture. The jarring sculptures initially met little success, until over time, Linares refined his alebrijes into the colorfully patterned combinations of reptiles, insects, birds, and mammals recognized today in today’s Doodle artwork. As his reputation grew, he attracted the admiration of the iconic Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, but it was a 1975 documentary about Linares by the filmmaker Judith Bronowski that elevated him to international fame.

In 1990, Linares was honored with the first Mexican National Prize in Arts and Sciences in the category of Popular Art and Traditions.

Thank you, Pedro Linares López, for showing us the power of imagination!

Today’s Doodle was illustrated by Doodler Emily Barrera.

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... meet Anita X. Orcist

As thrilled as Cinema Dave was to be featured on Svengoolie last night,
he was thrilled that Anita X. Orcist was featured during the weekly musical number.

Here is a clip from a November show, circa 2019;

Anita X. Orcist is musical director Doug's daughter.
Both are worthy members of BLUES SCHOOL -

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Cinema Dave was on Svengoolie this evening!

Caveman Chris Beer mugGrinning faceSparkles
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Our hashtagger @CinemaDave
Joins @ChrisAFilippone in the halls of
#Svengoolie fan photo fame.

Congratulations Dave!

This was as exciting as the time Young Cinema Dave found his name in Issue #105 in "Famous Monsters of Filmdom."

Here is the video segment, thanks to Warner's Svengoolie Video Dungeon;

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From a Girl to an Icon, Rita Moreno tells her story....

In the autumn of 1971, Miss Macy advised her 3rd grade students to watch a new cool show titled "The Electric Company," which starred Bill Cosby. Instead of going home to watch reruns of "Magilla Gorilla" cartoons, the more discerning 8 year old could now accept more culturally significant programming. Each showed opened with a cute lady screaming, "HEY YOU GUYS!" The cute lady was Rita Moreno, who played multiple characters on the show, most memorably as Lilly in the "Lick A Lolly" song.

Upon the completion of 8th grade, Cinema Dave noticed that Rita Moreno sang one of his favorite songs, "America" from the musical theatre classic, "West Side Story." Upon completion of High School, Cinema Dave saw her skinny dipping with Jack Weston in Alan Alda's comedy, "The Four Seasons."

Rita Moreno will be featured in Steven Spielberg's remake of "West Side Story," which opens this December 10th the day before her 90th birthday. The winner of an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards as well as the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Rita Moreno has earned the right to be celebrated for her longevity and consistent work ethic.

Opening this weekend locally is the documentary, "Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It." This documentary celebrates her triumphant career from MGM stock player to Modern Icon. Narrating her own story with professional charm, Moreno also reveals the dark side of her life; including an abortion, a suicide attempt and a torrid affair with Marlon Brando.

With her political agenda firmly in place, "Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It" does present the story this Puerto Rican Icon wishes us to see. Those who accept her political persuasion will appreciate this documentary.

The Electric Company - Lick a Lolly Song

West Side Story - America