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Heroic Class Acts - CinemaDave

Dec. 31st, 2012 08:57 pm Heroic Class Acts


Whether it was the devotion to their craft (**The Mucklebones Traveling Museum**) or the **K9 for Love Homestead Dogs Rescue** (which provided house broken dogs to some Pompano neighbors), Class Act Heroes quietly made this world better.

On a lighter note, some Class Acts and Back Stage Angels were just fun to be around. **Jack's Hamburgers** celebrated their 40th birthday with a month of parties for their community. Thirteen year old Bailee Madison exhibited textbook Dale Carnegie behavior at the three public events she attended during **FLiFF 27.**

The Inductees for the Class Acts of 2012;

Caroline Williams - **Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2** **Hatchet 3**
Peter Wein - "Peter's Living Room" Podcast
Oliver Robbins - **Poltergeist**
Stephan RUZOWITSKY **Deadfall**
Mucklebones Traveling Museum - Spooky Empire Exhibit
The Bailee Madison's Family
June Lockhart - **Lost in Space** **Lassie**
Steve and Karen Hunter **Manhattan Blues**
Linda Hamilton - **Beauty and the Beast** **The Terminator**
Demmie Grimm - CosPlay actress exordinare
Blanche & Carroll Baker

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