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"Good Night and Good Luck" Mr. Murrow - CinemaDave

Jan. 17th, 2006 08:17 pm "Good Night and Good Luck" Mr. Murrow

George Clooney acts and directs his homage to CBS News
in “Good Night and Good Luck.” A much better film than
“Syriana,” “Good Night and Good Luck” provides a
linear narrative that easily takes viewers from Point
“A” to Point “B.” Shot in black and white and infused
with martini jazz, “Good Night and Good Luck” details
Edward R. Murrow’s (David Strathairn) explosive
television news interview with Senator Joe McCarthy
(portraying himself in documentary footage).

In journalism schools, the name "Edward R. Murrow"
inspires as much awe and reverence as Abraham Lincoln
does for the Republican Party. David Straithairn
does an impressive job underplaying Edward R. Murrow.
During one scene in which McCarthy touches a nerve,
the actor does an excellent job masking his pain,
while his body language suggests he is receiving
a body blow.

During the actual footage of McLellan questioning
McCarthy, a very young Bobby Kennedy can be seen.
Too bad there isn’t a mainstream journalist with the
same Edward R. Murrow integrity who can take on the
Senator Ted Kennedy, Bobby‘s abusive little brother,
Senator Ted.

"Good Night and Good Luck" has been rated alongside
"All the President's Men" as one of the best movies
about modern journalism. It is good, but one must not
forget "The Insider," the Al Pacino-Russel Crowe drama
from seven years ago. "The Insider" presents what happens
to a conceited news organization that forgets the hallowed
journalism ethics of Edward R. Murrow.

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