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Public Domain Horror "The Gorilla" - CinemaDave

Aug. 26th, 2010 08:20 am Public Domain Horror "The Gorilla"

Lionel Atwill gets 5th billing over Bela Lugosi, but "The Ritz Brothers" get top billing above "The Gorilla." Based on a stage play that was a burlesque homage of the standard haunted house mystery, "The Gorilla" was a production fiasco. The Ritz Brothers did not want to perform in this routine programmer and got into a legal battle with their studio, 20th Century Fox. When filliming was complete, The Ritiz Brothers were dropped by the studio.

Released after "The Son of Frankenstein," "The Gorilla" reunites Atwill and Lugosi in the roles of the red herring. However Lugois gets some moments to shine, especially when he gets to use some karate upon one of the Ritz Brothers. The reliable Zasu Pitts could have made this movie without the Ritz Brothers.

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