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Public Domain Horror "The Corpse Vanishes" - CinemaDave

Aug. 17th, 2010 09:47 am Public Domain Horror "The Corpse Vanishes"

This 64 minute Bela Lugosi vehicle from Mongram Studios is a routine thriller with some great details. Brides are dying at the altar and Bela Lugosi needs the blood of a virgin to keep his wife looking young. Lugosi's wife is played by Elizabeth Russell.

The sister-in-law of Rosalind Russell, Elizabeth Russell created a niche of her own in the horror community as the scrren wife of the following actors, Lugosi, Karloff and Henry Daniell. Elizabeth russell was a regular in the Val Lewton classics with her most memorable role in "The Curse of the Cat People."

There are plenty of shots of Lugosi lurking and sneaking around. However character detail stand out, when a guest visits Lugosi and Russell in their bedrooms, the morbid couple sleep in coffins.

Be on the lookout for Anthony Rossitto (billed as Angelo) and Lugosi's assistant. Being a fulfledged sociopath in "the Corpse Vanishes," Lugosi treats "Angelo" rather poorly.

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