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"Titantic" shadows haunt "Revolutionary Road" - CinemaDave

Dec. 31st, 2008 09:27 pm "Titantic" shadows haunt "Revolutionary Road"

Released 11 years ago,
the shadow of "Titanic" looms large over this crop of motion picture releases in 2008. Try as he might, even on the IMAX screen, "The Dark Knight" failed to topple "Titanic" from the biggest grossing motion picture of all time.

"Revolutionary Road" features a "Titanic" cast reunion of Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and Kathy Bates. Watching "Revoltuionary Road," one can not help but think of the actors playing the same characters as if they had all been rescued from that sinking ship. Yet, the cold characters of "Revolutionary Road" are drowning in their own selfishness.

The film opens when Frank Wheeler (DiCaprio) first meets April (Winslet) at a party. The two discuss their Bohemian dreams and her desire to be an actress. The film flashforwards in time to April on stage in bad community theatre. On the ride home, Frank and April yell at each other.

Frank and April yell at each other two more times before "Revolutionary Road" concludes. The scenes are unnerving, especially during one blow up when a mentally ill man makes more sense than the feuding husband and wife. Given that Frank and April Wheeler have children, the subjects of their arguments reek of inmaturity.

By inviting the audience to witness such emotional vulnerabilty, Winslet deserves her kudos on the awards circuit. April Wheeler always seems to have an underlying desire under the surface. The chracter runs the gamut of emotions, it is not until her final scenes that one witness April true and silent emotional core.

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