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"Funny Games" is NOT - CinemaDave

Aug. 27th, 2008 07:56 am "Funny Games" is NOT

In **Funny Games,** Naomi Watts portrays a wife to George (Tim Roth) and mother to Georgie (Devon Gearhart - an underated young actor from the Fort Lauderdale produced **Canvas**). A nerdy next door neighbor asks the Naomi Watts character for some eggs. The character invites his friend into the house and the two young men begin to torment the family.

The film is director Michael Haneke shot-by-shot remake of his original Austrian motion picture from ten years ago. **Funny Games** is essentially a B Movie that relies on tension within the shot, the action occurs within the frame of the camera lens. Many horrible things are suggested, but not shown, including a scene in which a mother strips down in front of her son.

**Funny Games** has scored 51% on the Rotten Tomatoes circle of critics. For the critics who liked the flick,**Funny Games** was treated as a satirical attack upon bourgeois Americans. To think, Naomi Watts was the Executive Producer for this flick. The question raised is "Why would you submit yourself to such a beating?" The only answer was a poor box office that was not very funny.

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