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PBiFF spends fundraising capital on local communities - CinemaDave

Apr. 8th, 2008 10:57 am PBiFF spends fundraising capital on local communities

Keep your calendars open. April 27 will be the date of a screening of several films from the Palm Beach Film School up in Palm Beach off PGA Blvd at Loehman’s Theater (which is right there on the South Side of PGA off of 95).

Rachel Galvin will be seen in Jon Druttman’s short drama "The Delivery" as the comic element, a beautiful angellic woman with a voice like Fran Drescher.

Galvin will also be seen in the intense drama "A Life Worth Living," directed by Tommy Nelson. This is a short film about a woman who has lost her mother and now must also deal with the return of her long-lost and very troubled brother. Neither film is expected to feature Rachel Galvin in fishnets.

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