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USS New York - CinemaDave

Aug. 14th, 2007 10:35 pm USS New York

The USS New York was built with 24 tons of scrap steel from the World Trade Center.

It is the fifth in a new class of warship - designed for missions that include special operations against terrorists. It will carry a crew of 360 sailors and 700 combat-ready Marines to be delivered ashore by helicopters and assault craft.

Steel from the World Trade Center was melted down in a foundry in Amite , LA to cast the ship's bow section. When it was poured into the molds on Sept. 9, 2003, "those big rough steelworkers treated it with total reverence," recalled Navy Capt. Kevin Wensing, who was there. "It was a spiritual moment for everybody there."

Junior Chavers, foundry operations manager, said that when the trade center steel first arrived, he touched it with his hand and the "hair on my neck stood up." "It had a big meaning to it for all of us," he said. "They knocked us down. They can't keep us down. We're going to be back."

The ship's motto? "Never Forget"

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Date:August 17th, 2007 02:32 am (UTC)

USS New York

That's a fascinating story about the USS New York and the WTC steel used in its construction.

My father served in the South Pacific during WW II in the US Navy Construction Battalion, also known as the Seabees, and Navy stories always catch my eye.

The fortunes of war can be strangely fickle. During an air raid that took place about ten years before I was born, a man standing right next to my father was instantly killed by shrapnel, but Dad went through the full duration of the war without a single combat injury. If things had been slightly different I would not be here to tell the tale.
Date:August 17th, 2007 12:04 pm (UTC)

Re: USS New York

Fortunes of war are truly the Razor's edge. Thanks for the input.

I have often said that, the biggest strategic mistake the terrorists made was picking an international street fight in New York.