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..meet Karen Ross, a working Florida Actress - CinemaDave

Nov. 14th, 2006 07:42 pm ..meet Karen Ross, a working Florida Actress

Karen Ross, my costar from "Plagiarism," had two other movies that premiered at FLiFF, "Gringo Wedding" and the short subject "Halls of Jacob."

Karen Ross discussed the opportunities that South Florida presents;
“All three films were produced in South Florida and lately I have been lucky enough to be working steadily in film, commercials and voice overs.”

Besides working on independent features, Ross has had roles in some mainstream movies like "Hoot," ”Ali," "Stuck on You" and the television show,"CSI: Miami." Ross is married with grown children with no plans to leave South Florida.

Ross pragmatically states;
“No plans to leave Florida, it is very difficult from what I have heard to even get representation in Los Angeles...my goal in this business is just to be a “Working Actor.” I have a good time and sometime they pay you!”

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